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Coach spotlight: Edith Duran

Image of Edith Duran, former College Possible coach

After serving two consecutive service terms as a college access coach in Milwaukee, Edith Duran became a full time team member with College Possible Milwaukee where she continues supporting college equity.

"A huge part of my interest in becoming a coach was the ability to help students realize their greatest potential, and making it clear to them that college is within their reach,” said Edith regarding her service experience.

During her time as a coach, Edith helped prepare high school juniors for college by assisting them with admission essays, college and career alignment, ACT test prep and understanding the financial aid process. Not only did she help with the practical aspects of college preparation, she also offered advice and emotional support.

"I wish I'd had a College Possible coach at my high school back when I was a junior,” Edith said.

Unsure where to begin her professional career after graduating from college, Edith was drawn to serving with College Possible Milwaukee. She knew College Possible could provide the professional development she was looking for, as well as prepare her with workshops and mentorship for a career after service. Not only would she build experience and form lasting connections with her peer coaches, she would also leave an unforgettable impact on the students she served.

As an individual from an historically under-invested community, she feels she can truly relate to the students she works with. She enjoys sharing with them the benefits of joining College Possible because she believes the program opens many doors to college success. In fact, recruiting new students into the program was one of her favorite parts of service.

Whether preparing students for college or forming lasting relationships with peer coaches, she views serving as a coach as a rewarding, invaluable experience.

"Being a College Possible coach is something I never imagined myself doing after graduating from college,” says Edith. “Today, I wouldn’t want to be at any other place in my professional life than where I am at right now. This is all thanks to a decision I made for myself and my students a year a few years ago.”


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